Current research projects

Post doctoral research


Quantification of the climate change effects over Amazonian tree flora according the Paris Agreement

In this project I aim to quantify the effects of climate change of all know Amazonian tree species according the goal set by the Paris Agreement of holding global warming below 2° C (and preferably limiting it even further to 1.5° C) above pre-industrial levels during 21th century, in order to assess whether this goal can safeguard the conservation of Amazonian tree diversity. In addition, I will quantify the effects of excluding global warming limiting (possibly reaching 4° C).

Previous research projects

Doctoral research


Impacts of climate change and deforestation on Amazonian tree flora 

This project addressed some of the knowledge gaps on impacts of global change on Amazonian tree species, comparing methods of estimating richness and distribution of species of the Amazonian rainforest at different time scales. The project was an interdisciplinary research that related aspects of different scientific areas to understanding the consequences of the two main threats to Amazonian biodiversity attributed to climate change and deforestation.

Barcoding Caxiuanã


Amazonian tree species barcoding 

The goal of this project was to apply the "DNA barcoding" to all the morpho-species of permanent plots of the terra firme forest in the Caxiuanã Scientific Station (17 hectares) and in the Herbário MG, of the Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, located in the state of Pará - Brazil. With this new technique, most species of the ATDN Network bank can be identified, and even in the absence of a name in current use, there may be a comparison between the plots. In addition, the genetic information obtained can be used to build models on the evolutionary history of the Amazonia.