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Scientific Reports - 2020


Ter Steege, H. Prado, P. I., Lima, R. A. F., Pos, E. Coelho, L. S., Lima Filho, D. A., Salomão, R. P.... & Gomes, V. H. F. (2020). Biased-corrected richness

estimates for the Amazonian tree

floraScientific Reports, 9, 10130.

Journal of Biogeography  - 2020


Gomes, V. H. F., Mayle, F. E., Gosling, W. D., Vieira, I. C., Salomão, R. P., & ter Steege, H. (2020). Modelling the distribution of Amazonian tree species in response to long‐term climate change during the Mid‐Late Holocene. Journal of Biogeography, 47: 1530 -1540.

Nature Climate Change  - 2019


Gomes, V. H. F., Vieira, I. C., Salomão, R. P., & ter Steege, H. (2019). Amazonian tree species threatened by deforestation and climate change. Nature Climate Change, 9(7), 547-553.

Scientific Reports - 2019


Ter Steege, H., Henkel, T. W., Helal, N., Marimon, B. S., Marimon-Junior, B. H., Huth, A., ... & Gomes, V. H. F. (2019). Rarity of monodominance in hyperdiverse Amazonian forests. Scientific Reports, 9, 13822.

Scientific Reports - 2018


Gomes, V. H. F., IJff, S. D., Raes, N., Amaral, I. L., Salomão, R. P., de Souza Coelho, L., ... & ter Steege, H. (2018). Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data. Scientific Reports, 8, 1003.

Ecology - 2017


Ter Steege, H.; Sabatier, D.; Mota de Oliveira, S.; Magnusson, W. E.; Molino, J. F.; Gomes, V. H. F.; ... & Salomão, R. P. (2017). Estimating species richness in hyper‐diverse large tree communities. Ecology, 98(5), 1444-1454.

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